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About Us

Chocolatá explores the divine cacao with passion and curiosity, mixing diverse chocolate flavors with earth's seasonal bounty. All chocolates are specially blended to each flavor pairing, using carefully handcrafted recipes and divine intuition. Grown from mother earth, but divinely inspired, Chocolatá uses single origin chocolate that is ethically sourced from 100% Latin American farms.

Chocolatá is the creation of Kathy D'Agostino. 

Kathy learned the art of chocolate when she was a young girl working her very first job at a chocolatier located around the corner from her family's home. She worked there for many years learning the skills of chocolate making.  Although she moved on to work in the field of merchandising and design, not much time ever passed that she did not think about the joy it brought her to be a chocolatier. She has always let her creative energy guide her and now it takes her back to her roots. She is so excited to plant them here in the Magic City.


Finding Chocolatá is easy. (No telescope required.)

Simply follow the paths below to stay up-to-date our seasonal specials, pop-up locations and general Chocolata news.