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Bonbon Menu

Reveal the flavors within! 


✧Salt & Pepper cashew in milk chocolate

✧Rum Star in dark chocolate

✧Bourbon Negroni in dark chocolate

✧Whiskey Caramel in dark chocolate

✧Turtle in milk chocolate

✧ Lemon Drop in white chocolate

✧Orangesicle in white chocolate 

✧Raspberry in Ruby & dark chocolate

✧Blueberry Cassis in milk chocolate

✧Mint in dark chocolate


dark chocolate mystic eye ~ coffee & Bailey's
✧ milk chocolate mystic eye ~ chai tea ganache
✧ pistachio truffle
✧ hot cocoa truffle
✧ raspberry truffle (DF)
✧ whiskey caramel
salt & pepper cashew in milk and dark chocolate

✧ Bird's Nest {toasted white chocolate with

    almonds and cacao nibs}

✧ whiskey ganache & luxardo cherry
✧ hazelnut praline (contains gluten)
 passion fruit caramel crescent moon
Unicorn Bark slab squares
lemon rosemary

✧ sweetened dried cantaloupe in 63%

   Dominican Republic dark chocolate (DF)

✧ half-dried apricots dipped in milk chocolate 
✧ Mezcal caramel + banana ganache in painted dome
✧ Chocolatá bird's nest ~ almonds + cacao Nibs in Dulcey 
✧ candied orange slice in dark chocolate (DF)
 Golden Lion's Mane
✧ Grapefruit
✧ Ruby raspberry heart with dark chocolate ganache
✧ Vegan Peanut Ginger
✧ dark chocolate truffle (round)

✧ Dulcey gem with tahini caramel

✧ Buddha ~ seasonal ganache
✧ dark chocolate star w/ peanut butter ganache
✧ fleur de lis w/ mint ganache (DF)
  ✧Chocolata's Turtle (no photo) gem shape in dark~milk chocolate with rosemary pecans and house made caramel.
All of our bonbons contain dairy unless noted. All of our chocolates are gluten free unless noted.
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