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Bonbon Menu

Bonbon Menu

Reveal the flavors within! 


✧ Marzipan w/ rose dipped in dark chocolate.
✧ Lavender caramel in dark chocolate w/ blueberry sea salt

✧ Honey & Benne seed w/ honey ganache

{Collab w/ Liv Fuller Mushroom Honey}

✧ dark chocolate mystic eye ~ coffee & Bailey's
✧ milk chocolate mystic eye ~ chai tea ganache
    ✧ Mezcal caramel w/ banana puree in dark chocolate shell
    ✧ hot cocoa truffle
    ✧ raspberry truffle (DF)
    ✧ Dark chocolate truffle with a pinch of spice
    Coconut Truffle ✧ coconut & lime infused white chocolate truffle

    ✧ sweetened dried cantaloupe in 63%
       Dominican Republic dark chocolate (DF)

    ✧ dark chocolate star w/ peanut butter ganache



    ✧Dark chocolate gem with whiskey caramel

    ✧ salt & pepper cashew in milk and dark chocolate

    ✧ Bird's Nest {toasted white chocolate with

        almonds and cacao nibs}

    ✧ "Old Fashioned" dark chocolate octagon w/ whiskey & vanilla infused white chocolate ganache & luxardo cherry.
    ✧ Hazelnut Praline with feuilletine in dark chocolate shell
     passion fruit caramel crescent moon

    ✧ lemon & rosemary 

    ✧ Rum dark chocolate ganache in dark chocolate Fleur de lis 

     ✧ Lemon verbena infused matcha ganache in dark chocolate Buddha (DF)

    ✧ candied orange slice in dark chocolate (DF)


     ✧ All of our bonbons contain dairy unless noted. All of our chocolates are gluten free unless noted.

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